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From the Desk of Secretary, HLC

A College, which has just come into existence five years back in 2001, is showing sign of emerging as a centre for excellence in legal studies in near future through its academic pursuits. The Board of Governors of the College consists of personalities from all sections of the legal community - distinguished Judges, eminent lawyers, leaders of the Bar, leading industrialists and public spirited social workers. Under the guidance and supervision of such an experienced Board of Governors, the College is endeavoring to achieve the highest scholastic standard in legal studies and research.

The highly advanced curriculum of the Five-Year Integrated B.A. LL.B. (Hons.) Course and the Three-Year LL.B. Course offered by the College is at par with the leading law teaching institutions of India.
The college is also having Two year LL.M course from 2010.
In paper it appears that law serves equally the haves and the have-nots, but the ground reality is that in most cases, the marginalized sections of the society fails to knock the door of justice because of their ignorance and economic hardship. The College, keeping in view, its social obligation, has launched legal literacy campaign and established a Legal Aid Clinic for providing legal advice free of cost to the marginalized sections of the society.
The dedicated members of the Faculty of the College are continuously motivating the students for achieving the highest professional standards.

I am sure that the most genuine and sincere efforts of the academic community of the College will nurture the students in such a manner so as to make them capable of competing with the other students passing out from the best law teaching institutions of India and the College shall emerge as an outstanding nerve-centre of legal studies and research in this region the future.

Sri Bimal Maji

Secretary, Haldia Law College